Stromer und LEVA-EU veröffentlichen White-Paper zu S-Pedelecs

Die Tage habe ich das OK gekriegt, dass ich das Whitepaper auch hier zur Ansicht Verfügung stellen darf.
Eigentlich muss man es anfordern, damit will man ermitteln, wie hoch das Interesse ist und wer sich das gerne ansehen möchte.

Englische Originalversion

Automatische deutsche Übersetzung (sprachlich etwas mangelhaft)

Zu meiner Anfrage habe ich auch noch folgende Nachricht bekommen:

You also ask how you could contribute to further the issue of speed pedelecs. It would be great if you could spread the word about speed pedelecs being a valuable solution for sustainable transport based on the argumentation in the white paper. Unfortunately, speed pedelecs suffer from unsuitable EU harmonized technical legislation and from obstructing national terms of use as is the case in Germany. Tomi Viiala, the CEO of Stromer has cycled from their headquarters in Switzerland to Eurobike in July. At some instances, he was driving on roads with very heavy vehicles and aggressive drivers whilst there was a beautiful, empty cycle path next to the road, which he wasn’t allowed to use.

It is so strange that politicians seem to have no issue with the common sense of car drivers in very heavy vehicles that can go 200 km/h but have no trust in the common sense of speed pedelec riders that could go at 40 km/h on an empty cycle path (no speed pedelec is able to constantly ride 45 km/h).

Personally, I have been trying to convince the Commission and Members of the European Parliament to change the technical legislation for speed pedelecs as well as for conventional electric bicycles since 1999. Unfortunately, they still have no correct comprehension of these vehicles and tend to listen to the cycling lobby, which is doing everything to protect the market of electric bikes 25 km/h – 250W. This protectionist stance and ensuing lobby now increasingly damages the development of other types of light electric vehicles.

Should you wish, I am always prepared to have further consultations on this issue.

In any case, it would be useful if you would be willing to share the Speed Pedelec White Paper with any politicians you may deem interested/interesting, especially the German Members of the European Parliament who are members of IMCO, since that is the Parliamentary Committee responsible for the technical legislation on speed pedelecs and light electric vehicles in general.

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